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Please Return the Completed Application To the following:

French Creek Outfitters 2 West Wind Drive

Buffalo, WY 82834
Cameron Irwin 307.217.3497

Hunting Booking Agreement

French Creek Outfitters requires a $1,000 deposit per animal being hunted. In an unsuccessful draw, your money can either be sent back to you or rolled over to another year hunt. Once the license is successfully drawn, there will

be no refunds. Deposits can be cash, personal check, or money order. Outfitters are not responsible for cash sent via mail. The remaining hunt balance is due when you arrive on location.


______________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Phone: Cell: _________________________________ Other: _________________________________

Email:_______________________________________________________________________________ Emergency Contact:____________________________________ Phone:_________________________ SS # (Last 4 digits only): ____________ or Sportsman’s ID #: __________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________________ Weight: _______________ Height: ______________ Eye Color: ____________________ Hair Color: ____________________ Sex: Male Female

Food Allergies/Special Accommodations:__________________________________________________ PhysicalCondition (1-10,10 being Excellent)________________________________________________

DatestoHunt:____________________________________ Archery Rifle

Hunting Camp Selection:____________________________________
Species to Hunt (Circle): Antelope Mule Deer Whitetail Deer Prairie Dog Merrian Turkeys Preference Points: Antelope__________Mule Deer__________

Whitetail Deer __________Elk_______ Turkey_______ Cost of Hunt: $_____________ - DepositSubmitted: $_____________ = Balance Due: $_____________

Names of Additional Hunters in Your Party: ________________________________________________ Additional Non-Hunters: ___________ at $200 = $_________

___________________________________________________ __________________________

Hunter’s Signature                                                                                 Date       /        /        


- Things to know: Your hunt is over once your tag is notched. Additional hunt days are $500/ day if guides are available. We are 100% fair trades hunting on private & public land. Weather conditions may vary & impact hunting times. We do our best to ensure that every hunter gets the best chance at a trophy animal we can provide. Our guides & cooks are some of the best in the business. They put a lot into making your hunt comfortable & fueling your success. Gratuities for them are very appreciated. -

Name: Address:

French Creek Outfitters BG-290



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